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Accelerating CSR & Sustainability through

Digital HR Transformation
What is HR’s role in a sustainability strategy?

Panel Discussion

9h00-10h00 CET, ONLINE

9h00 CET




Accelerating CSR &  Sustainability though Digital HR Transformation
What is HR’s role in a sustainability strategy?

Digital transformation is never easy. Organisations need to continually evolve and change at the same speed. As such, they must change their usual ways of doing business, come out of their comfort zone, and get ready for new digital mindsets.

Organizational silos and bureaucracies are perhaps the biggest barriers for organisations aiming to harness the power of data and insights to ‘go digital’.
As corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives have been implemented by nearly all organisations, many HR professionals may be left questioning just how possible it is to embed and operationalise a sustainability strategy into their organisational culture. HR professionals need to be more involved in CSR and sustainability initiatives, but are often left out of the picture.

If the goal is to get every employee considering sustainability across every business function, the HR function plays a key role with initiatives such as Implement and encourage green practices; Share, Train and communicate the value of CSR;

Improve the quality of work; Creating a cohesive global CSR Platform and

most of all foster a culture of social responsibility.

Creating a culture that embraces CSR is key, and that’s why HR is so important.

Areas that HR oversees—attracting, recruiting, developing, engaging and retaining talent—need to be aligned and should be fuelled through CSR.

People are the ones that make sustainability happen, and we forget about that.

It’s not just about the environment when we use the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘corporate social responsibility.’ It’s all about the people!

Join us and find out how you can accelerate change!




10h00 CET

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