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___ Company & Organisers

We create, produce, host and execute high level                   

Live & Virtual HR conferences for international executives     

who wish to Learn, Network & Benchmark.

We provide learning opportunities for professionals in the Human Resources field, and as a leading company in our industry, we have built our entity around strong values

empowering management development.

We are a full value chain service provider and therefore take care of everything from ideation to reality



First, we create an event with a primal focus on re-education, networking and benchmarking opportunities for all attendees


This is made possible thanks to our connections with         highly-qualified industry experts, thought leaders, academics, consultants who are able to bring forth the most pressing   issues and cutting-edge topics.

We then contact executives from diverse  professional and cultural backgrounds to attend and create an enriching   learning experience.


  • We go far beyond the logistics and details, discovering the strategic vision of what you want to gain.

  • Our Interactive Roundtable session format will enhance lively debate and interaction with your peers.

  • In-depth Case Study presentations provide you with practical advice, best practices and the latest strategies.

  • Numbers are strictly limited for you to bring your own challenges to the table and obtain solutions, advice & feedback.

  • A wise combination of debates, as well as different types of informal sessions allows you to have access to real & efficient insights.

  • Our in-person events are a great opportunity for attendees to mix and mingle, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. Over coffee, lunch, or cocktails, you may make a connection with the perfect provider or prospect. 

  • Breaking out of Your comfort zone is just the type of action you need to take to break out of old ways of thinking.

  • During and after the event, we provide all participants with evaluation forms with questions related to their learning needs and future improvements.


  • we work with the highest quality virtual Event Platforms with the most user friendly features.


  • Our long-term partnerships with the most skilled Audio-Visual Engineers means that there is a seamless TV broadcast from      start to finish.

  • In-depth Case Study presentations provide you with practical advice, best practices and the latest strategies.

  • Panel Discussions gives participants a chance to get  several insights, personal experiences from various subject matter experts discussing a  specific topic. 

  • Quizzes, Polls, Surveys, Wordclouds, Selfie contests will bring spontaneous fun to the event.

  • Utilize our event platforms Matchmaking service to better pair with participants based upon their wants and needs.

  • All Content is Recorded and made available in our HRcoreLIBRARY

  • Our Online Events will give you an immersive experience with Meaningful connections & Content

  • Our downloadable App, let's you choose and design the presentations/ workshops you wish to learn from.

                                               HYBRID EVENTS

  • A Mix of a Live (in-person) and Virtual (online), allows participants to join in-person at a chosen venue and get human connection experience. However, it also allows individuals who otherwise would not have been able to attend due to health concerns or travel constraints, the flexibility to engage virtually.


  • Having access to strategic business information will help you acquire and bring back new and challenging  knowledge to your business.

  • Based on year after year rebookings & feedback, we are confindent that our HRcoreEVENTS are the very best way to develop the skills and knowledge of yourself, your team and company around core HR challenges.

Our HRcoreEVENTS portfolio includes:


Our range of HR topics includes:

Agile HR, Talent Management, Digital HR, Employee Experience, Resourcing, A.I., Coaching & Mentoring, Onboarding, FlexWork, Talent/ People Analytics, Performance Reviews, HR Technology, Chatbots, Strategic Workforce Planning, Employer Branding, Culture Change, HR Trends, Big Data, Talent/ Leadership Development, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Engagement, Recruitment, Learning & Development, HR Business Partnering, Total Rewards,…


To provide our participants with the best industry knowledge, giving them the possibility to improve and develop themselves professionally as well as 

add value to their companies.

By using the term 'HRcore' for our events,

we want to show that we lie at the very heart of

People Management Development and that we

play a vital role in shaping the very existence and progression of HR.


Teneo means ‘to know, grasp, understand,

conceive’ in Latin.



Inspiring the Future of Work


Our coreVISION

To be leaders in Human Resources (People) conferences in Europe (and Globally) by innovating and being at the

forefront of anything that happens in the industry.


Ultimately we want to contribute to the development and success of the industries we work with.

This can only be achieved thanks to great team-work and

our values.

Our coreVALUES


•  Knowledge
•  Anticipation
•  Commitment

•  Flexibility
•  Determination

Whatever your HR challenges may be,
you will most certainly find answers
to them by attending our events!

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