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Executive Development events

Digital Transformation - Unlocking your

productive potential 


Tuesday 9th November 2021,           9h15-10h15 CET zone

During this Panel Session we'll discuss the Impact of Digital Transformation and how you can Unlock your Productive Potential.

We believe People are the single biggest influencer on the success of any business.


And that is why the role of HR managers is so crucial - they are the core of the people in your organization. They recruit employees, develop them professionally, and even make sure that every employee receives their salary at the end of the month.


BUT, they often don’t have time for the real people behind every payslip or request. Isn’t that a lot of responsibility and importance you are handling? Don't you sometimes wish you had more hours the day to cope with all the HR work? We believe that it's not about "how HR can work even more" but about "how HR can be supported more". So HR can unlock its full productive potential!


Therefore, we will share some valuable insights and key takeaways on how to Unlock your Productive Potential and have time for what matters most - the People.

Jon Ingham, 

Director, Strategic HR Academy & Author of 'The Social Organization'

Jon  is a consultant, trainer, writer and speaker on strategic people and organizational  management with a particular focus on social relationships.


Based in the UK but operating globally, he works with HR, IT and Property departments to

increase the impact they have in their businesses and helps business leaders and HR teams

develop their own strategic capabilities. He is a well-known HR blogger and has been

recognised as a top global influencer in talent management.



Perry Timms,

Author of ‘The Energized Workplace’ and ‘Transformational HR’

Perry is a renowned blogger on the transformative power of HR professionals. Perry is a

2-time TEDx speaker, was named on the HR Most Influential Thinkers list 3 years running,

and is a LinkedIn Learning Instructor.


A seasoned author, Perry's first book, Transformational HR, was an Top 30

HR seller shortly after its release and made Book Authority’s Top 100 Strategy books of

all time. Perry's second book, The Energized Workplace, was released in August 2020 and

has garnered critical acclaim.

Rebecca Kilkelly,

Head of International Sales Development, Personio

Rebecca is supporting a team driving Personio’s goal of becoming Europe’s leading HR software solution for SMBs.


She is passionate about scaling high performing teams, developing talent and being a cultural leader within the organization. Prior to joining Personio, Rebecca gained experience with global market expansion, sales enablement and process optimization while working within fast-scaling teams at CarGurus, Microsoft, NextRoll and Google.

Claire Pace,

Head of Operations, B Lab Europe

Claire is the Head of Operations at B Lab Europe, an organisation committed to creating a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. Claire has over 10 years experience working at global digital companies across Business Operations and HR. She has experience in all aspects of Human Resources and is now using that knowledge at an organisation that is focused on sustainability and looking after all stakeholders, especially employees.  



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