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HRcoreEVENTS by Teneo

Moderator Guidelines

Live Event

The Chairpeople are the


of our


Moderating our HRcoreEVENTS involves more than reading bio's out loud or interrupting speakers when their

time is up. Creating a sense of coherence throughout the diverse presentations is key, bringing the

speakers closer to the audience by introducing them warmly and ensuring that transitions run smoothly.

Wrap up the sessions in a way that leaves everyone feeling that the presentations,

networking, interactive sessions and that the entire event added value to their work.

___  Tips & Instructions


  • Start the conference. Make any necessary introductions.

  • Opening: Do a brief 5-10min opening introduction of the conference (basic welcome, market overview, trends, what will be discussed,…)

  • Set the scene.  State the objectives of the event.

  • “Break the ice”: ask participants to discuss with others at their table for 1min.; what are you looking forward to learn? What's your   biggest HR challenge at the moment? Where are you from?...

  • Introduce each session & speaker; let the audience know what the session is about, how it relates to or differs from other sessions.

  • Facilitate questions, debate and discussions. 



  • Keep speakers and sessions ON TIME - sticking to the agenda.

  • Allow flexibility and freedom of expression.

  • Always have a question ready when the presentation finishes.     


  • Allow your own humour and personality to come through.

  • Draw out quieter members and discourage those who are monopolising the meeting.

  • Be prepared to highlight issues that no one else will, and to be the one who always has to ask the strange and provocative questions.

  • Use clear/plain English - no slang:  participants come from various countries and don't all have a high level of English.

  • Making it an enjoyable experience – be courteous, be polite, but     be questioning.


  • Ensure everyone understands what is being discussed.

  • Drawing out, summarising and highlighting relevant aspects.



  • Speaker not showing - replace by another session: Emergency Presentation or Interactive Roundtable session (we will let you know).

How does the Interactive Roundtable session work?

During this session, the organiser (Michael) will have prepared a series of

questions (attributed to specific tables).


Participants discuss the question for 10-15min.

The Moderator will then go around to the tables and ask what their answer is.

The most important is that the audience networks! Not the answers!


  • One week before the event, we will have a Microsoft Teams meeting between co-Moderators & Organisers to discuss preparations etc.​

  • Day Before: Confirm Agenda, Speakers and # of Participants: check any late changes. Michael will setup        a WhattsApp group to communicate better during the event.

  • Day 1: See ‘Tips & Instructions’ on the left


  • Day 2: Conference opening sum up of 1st day, introduction of the 2nd day.

       Remind delegates to fill in the evaluation forms,

       chat and play in the App (Quizzes, Polls,…).

        End of Conference: sum up the 2 days (take-aways,

        lessons learnt, missing topics,…).

         Remind delegates that they will receive the   

         presentations and email addresses of each

         participant after the event.

         Promote next event.

         Thank everybody:  the speakers, the organisers,                              the AV team, and, of course, the attendees.

Division of Responsibility between Moderators:

  • To be discussed, but e.g. Moderator 1 introduces the speakers and Moderator 2 handles the Q&A's. They can then switch roles in the afternoon.

Panel Discussions:

  • They consist of 3-4 speakers (+moderator), last for 30min.       and no preparation is needed.

  • Each speaker is asked to introduce themselves by you ( the moderator) and give their opinion/ angle (3-5min.) on the      main theme. If there's no theme, the focus should be on          key take-aways of the day/ event.

  • Questions will come from the audience & yourself. 


Fireside chat/ Interview:

  • You will join the Speaker on stage for 30min.

  • Ask her/ him the questions sent to me/ you beforehand and let the audience ask some as well.

  • Try to create as much interactivity as possible between the speaker, yourself and the audience.


As always, I will keep you updated regularly and ready to

answer your questions & doubts, Michael

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