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HRcoreEVENTS by Teneo
HRcoreEVENTS by Teneo

Inspiring the Future of Work

Partnership Opportunities

Expose your brand to thousands of HR professionals, meet with decision makers, network and generate qualified leads.

For over 15 years, HRcoreEVENTS has been providing the platform to showcase leading management solutions and allow consultants to meet with high-level executives at the world's leading brands.

Participants attend from all across the globe to gain

strategic insights and learn from the success of their peers.

With this in mind, it creates the perfect atmosphere for solution providers to stand out as experts in the various fields within HR and become household names among decision makers.

Global HRcoreEVENTS

3 Conferences, 1 Venue:​

  • Recruitment 

  • HR Agility 

  • People Analytics 

500 executives


Best Scandinavian 

HR Practices defining the 

Future World of Work

250 executives



HRcoreEVENTS is your key partner in the continued growth of your company. Through years of executing in-person and virtual events, our team will guide you to your next big contract.

Oracle,, CoachHub, Microsoft, UKG, Personio, UFlexReward, Ezra Coaching, Top Employers Institute, Whatfix, Avature and many more have relied on us to successfully strengthen their brand, meet decision-makers, build relationships, generate qualified leads and get a substantial ROI.

Empowering Engagement & 

Performance through

Reward & Wellbeing 

150 C&B executives



2 Conferences, 1 venue:​

  • Learning & Development

  • Talent Transformation

250 executives



Customised Events

Virtual Panel Discussions

Format: Panel Discussion, you can choose the main topic.

Duration: 60 to 75min. maximum. 

“Your Part”: You will bring a moderator and an expert/client.

We need the title + speakers info min. 5 weeks before the webinar.

“Our Part”: We will gather 1 or 2 corporate speakers and guarantee a

minimum of 40 targeted participants (connected on the day).

We will design the website and provide the

technology (unless if you prefer using your existing one).

Data Provided: We will provide the full list of all registered participants (with job-title, name, email address, company size, …). We'll also

provide analytics on the participants connected on the day.

To guarantee a minimum of 40 connected on the day,

we usually gather at least 120 participants.

You get the full list with details and GDPR compliant!

Video Recording: We will provide a recording of the session that

you can use on your website, social networks, …

Languages possible for the webinar: English, Spanish or French.

Deadlines: You must provide us with “your part” min. 5 weeks

before the exact date of the scheduled webinar

Penalties if no respect of deadlines: In case you don’t provide us the information on time, Teneo keeps the right to cancel the webinar. A credit note of 50% (4.750€) will be offered.


Cost: 9.500€/webinar

In-Person Breakfast/ Lunch/ Afterwork

We agree on a city for the event to take place.

We gather a group of selected participants and invite them to

join a breakfast, lunch or dinner/ cocktail.


Cost: 7.500€/event + Restaurant/venue bill

Online Spanish Wine Tasting

We gather a group of 20 selected participants in total.

We send them a VIP box with 4 different wines, Spanish ham & cheese and chocolates.

All the participants connect on the chosen date to listen to

the sommelier, exchange in an informal way.


Cost: 8.500€/ Wine Tasting

Team Building

High-performing teams don't happen by chance.

They require the right combination of skills, collaboration and cohesion to reach their full potential.

Team building is one of the most effective ways to

help your teams


Key Partners

Contact our

Business Development Director,

Renaud Nyst,

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